REG has developed a leading edge bio-power business from the research and development stage to patent registration, site development, construction, and generation.

Our patented filtration process recovers waste cooking oil through an entirely natural and additive-free process, creating an environmentally friendly bioliquid called LF100 used to generate carbon neutral electricity for UK homes and businesses.

Our used cooking oil collection subsidiary, Living Fuels, collects waste cooking oil nationally from local authority recycling facilities, restaurants, hotels and industrial food manufacturers, and recovers it at our processing plants. The bioliquid we create is used by REG’s generation subsidiary, Living Power, to produce renewable electricity in our state-of-the-art power stations. These generate electricity under Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) contracts for National Grid, keeping the lights on during times of critical power shortages. Our flexible response plants are designed to meet the challenge of producing power at short notice using our sustainable fuel.

We currently own and operate four renewable energy power stations across the country:


  •  Ten Caterpillar engines provide 18MW of power from Selby, North Yorkshire
  • Completed in 2014, the plant services a STOR contract with National Grid

RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk

  • Comprises 14 Volvo Penta 430kW generating sets installed in 2008
  • Output of 6MW has serviced a National Grid STOR contract since 2011

Leeds North

  • Features five Volvo Penta 430kW generating sets and became operational in 2011
  • Supplies 2MW of power to National Grid to meet STOR contract

Hockwold, Norfolk

  • A single Volvo 200kW genset supplies Combined Heat and Power to our LF100 processing plant and the adjacent Freedom Farm Recycling Centre near Thetford

Between 2008 and 2016 our fleet has clocked up over 95,000 operational hours, demonstrating the efficiency and reliability of our engines in producing clean power on demand.

Rob Murphy

Operations Director Living Fuels

Rui Costa

Operations Manager for Living Fuels

Neil Plumb

Operations Projects Manager for Living Power