Wind turbine bringing benefits to Barlborough

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We recently visited Barlborough to talk to community representatives about the community funding being generated from our single wind turbine. The local area is set to receive over £20,000 in the next few years, going directly to community projects in Barlborough and Clowne.

As well as funding projects, there are many other local benefits that wind turbines can bring, including enhancements to the area where the wind turbine is located. At Barlborough, a permissive footpath has been created and a range of habitat enhancement projects have been started to attract more wildlife to the area.Barlborough footpath with Roy & Sean

Whilst on a site visit to Barlborough recently we met locals Roy and Sean at the beginning of the new walking path. It was great to answer their questions about the turbine and hear their views.  Interestingly, they were initially opposed to the turbine when it was proposed, however they now feel it is part of the scenery and it certainly has their seal of approval.