Heath and Safety Hardhats

Established in 2005, REG Power Management is a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects. We have developed and built over 1000MW of operational wind and solar projects, not only in the UK but in Canada and Poland. We continue to own and operate strategically important generation plant for National Grid fuelled by our patented bio liquid derived from waste cooking oil. In addition to our own assets, we look after one of the largest portfolios of UK wind and solar assets for third parties including BlackRock. Leveraging our asset owning capability in this way enables us to bring innovative and creative solutions developed over many years, maximising the potential of third party owned assets; looking after these as if they were our own projects.

What makes REG Power Management unique?

RPM provides financial reporting, commercial and corporate services to support projects at all lifecycle stages from development through to operations. Top down governance overlays all of our project management activities. We believe that it is critical to a safe, well run and optimised project.

Asset Management

We believe that asset management is a part of asset ownership and governance which can also include:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Landowner governance
  3. Community and community fund compliance
  4. FCA compliance
  5. OFGEM compliance
  6. Financial compliance

Addressing the inevitably wide scope of asset ownership and governance is as much a cultural challenge as it is to utilise the best systems and processes. Therefore, we employ a skilled and enthusiastic team of individuals working within a strongly ethical and highly organised framework. At all times we try to balance the best working conditions with a strong commitment to our customers and the communities within which we operate. This way we believe we can continue to have a significant impact on reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.